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dating female doctor

People have high respect to doctors because of the work they perform. The status, substantial income and looks they possess make them ideal partners for marriage or relationship. Unfortunately, because of their work and dedication of helping other people, doctor's future spouse or partner might experience great challenges too. However,have you ever dreamed to date a famale doctor as your another half? How to enjoy the angel love? It is enjoyable or challengable?


  • On Call: Since they provide prescription anytime and anywhere you will no longer need to get prescription or treatment for an illness. She can also immediately attend normal medical emergencies at home such as swallowing dimes and falling in the playground.
  • Live Comfortably: Doctors are known to be one of the highest paid professional groups, in fact, their earnings can surpass a college teacher or an engineer, depending on the medical profession they practice. In United States, anesthesiologists and cardiac surgeons claim the highest earnings. In addition, their salary also depends on the area or state they're practicing. If you date a female doctor and have serious relationship with her, you will surely live a comfortable life. You will also enjoy exclusive memberships to exclusive clubs, lavish vacations and large homes. However, if you are looking for cougar dating feeling with female doctor, it may be full with challenges.
  • Society Respect: Doctors enjoy social acceptance. Since they possess knowledge to treat suffering and physically capable, they are usually looked upon with love, awe and hope. They have the ability to make a 'difference' in overall well-being, and life of another person.
  • Raise Children Well: If you want to date a female doctor and decide to build a family with her, your children will have immense sum of intellectual material and resources around them allowing them to have a better chance of leading successful life someday. If your wife is a doctor, your kids will have more medical understanding and respect intellectual motivation and humane rather than basking financial success.


  • You must understand and accept the nature of her work. You must be ready to spend many days or/and night alone. Female doctors are busy and very passionate with their work. You must have the heart to accept it not cause any distraction. Her schedule in the hospital and other emergencies are not the only thing you need to consider, but even the seminars and conferences they need to attend. You must not get distracted or irritated by the changes she will make; you must have the skin to pursue with the plan even if she's not around. Avoid staying at home and start fretting just because she cannot make it. Get used to these situations early if you're really serious of your relationship.
  • Go with the flow; if you're a rigid plan maker, you can't expect to have a successful relationship with a busy female doctor. You must learn how to "go with the flow" and once plan change, avoid getting irritated or hurt. Keep in mind that she also wants to be with you but her work, obligation and responsibility as a doctor need to come first.

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