The challenges and problems people face while dating a doctor

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doctor dating problems

It has often been observed that people love dating a doctor. Young and unmarried doctors are often desired by a lot of people and it is no surpise that because of their intelligence, they deserve all the attention as well. And moreover, people like to date them because doctors are bound to have a secured future and because of all the noble deeds, it is kind of hard not to notice them.

But at the same time, the medical profession is one that requires long hours and dedication in order to deliver the finest in health care needs. A doctor has undergone several years of education and internships in order to achieve their position in the field. Doctors who work in hospitals will have to spend long hours every week tending to their patients and even those who have their own practice must dedicate a great deal of time to their profession as well. So there are some challenges and problems people face whilst dating a doctor:

  • 1) Time constraints- Being in the medical field has it's own pros and cons. It is quite obvious that a person whose job is to save lives or treat people from all the ailments can not be free over an extended period of time. Therefore, similarly, doctors do not have a lot of time for themselves and their friends. You never know when the next emergency call can come in and you have to leave whatever you are doing. So, this is kind of the most common problem people face whilst dating a doctor. It is almost a challenge to manage time if your partner is a doctor. Maybe you will want to date during a time that is convenient for them and work on getting to know them better over time. While the time investment is considerable, the reward of being with someone who is right for you and happens to be an outstanding member of the community is certainly worth the effort.
  • 2) Wavelength match- Doctors study through most of their adult lives to become one. Considering the kind of job they have to do through out their lifetime, it is only fair to study an infinite number of books and study's. Their syllabus is so vast that it takes many years to complete their degrees and then at the same time, for completion of any masters degree, they have study seprately and even more for the same. With a reservoir of knowledge entailed within their minds, it can get somewhat difficult to cope up with a person who is so well-equipped with knowledge and information. This can easily become a hindrance for a person who isn't a doctor and thereby a difficulty in dating a medical professional.
  • 3) A doctor's preference- It has been observed on several occassions that doctors prefer dating fellow opposite sex doctors. And the reason for the same is quite evident. It is because doctors can obviously understand each other's jobs in a much better way than a non-doctor can. Moreover, chances are, a doctor couple can easily have a much healthier conversation between each other as well. This preference can make it hard for people to actually date doctors.

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